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I've come across the modern "Up-River Book," but Conrad did produce two
separate collections of notes--"The Congo Diary" and "Up-River Book"--while
he was in the Belgian Congo in 1890.  They are reprinted in Heart of
darkness : with The Congo diary and Up-river book /Joseph Conrad ; edited
by Zdzislaw Najder (Hesperus Press, London:  2002), but Lynn is looking for
facsimiles of the original.

Charles Early

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> Doesn't look like this was published until 1925 or 1926 in serialized form
> - http://www.conradfirst.net/view/serialisation?id=164
> Looks like it wasn't published in book form until 1926 in his Last Essays
> -
> https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.206431 Congo Diary starts
> on page 231.
> The "Up-River Book" is a recreation of Conrad's journey by a modern author.
> Dana Dalrymple
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> My stepdaughter Lynn is in a graduate class at the U. of New Mexico on
> Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.  For this class she is trying to find a
> facsimile image of the first page of Conrad's "Up-River Book," his log of
> the trip up the Congo River that inspired the book.  She thinks she came
> across it on the internet, but we haven't been able to find it again.  The
> book has been reprinted with Heart of Darkness and The Congo Diary in two
> books edited by Zdzislaw Najder, but apparently they don't have the
> graphics.  Can anybody help?  Thank you very much.
> Charles Early
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