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Timothy --

Online search of subscription database READER'S GUIDE RETROSPECTIVE
shows only those four 1950s articles in HOLIDAY (plus one from 1961)
by Suyin as author.

Han, S. New world of Asia: Singapore. Holiday. 16, 46, Sept. 1954.

SUYIN, H. Hong Kong. Holiday. 17, 106, May 1955.

SUYIN, H. Land of the gods. Holiday. 21, 68, May 1957.

SUYIN, H. Peking today. Holiday. 21, 74, June 1957.

SUYIN, H. Shanghai. Holiday. 30, 58, Aug. 1961.

plus this one by another hand in which he is listed as a subject of the article:

Conscience for Asia.
By: Angell, R..
Holiday., December 1954, Vol. 16, p106-109, 4p
Subjects: COMBER, Elizabeth; Han, Suyin

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> We're supposed to have paper copies of those years in our Compact Storage. I'll check this afternoon when I'm at our downtown location and will send you some copies if you don't get it before then. It will be after 4 pm Pacific Time. I'd need more time to check Reader's Guide to see if that magazine is indexed if you think there are other articles.
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> Hi to the collective wisdom,
> I am looking on behalf of a patron for articles authored by Han Suyin that appeared in Holiday, a now defunct American magazine, during the 1950s. The articles I know of are:
> The New World of Asia: Singapore, Sep 1954
> Singapore's Han Suyin, Dec 1954
> Hong Kong, May 1955
> Land of the Gods, May 1957
> Peking Today, Jun 1957
> If anyone has a complete list or, even better, knows an institution with the run, let me know please?
> Thanks
> Timothy Pwee
> National Library Singapore
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