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I remember encountering this quote (in the form "Thank God we got the
convicts instead of the Puritans!") during the Clinton impeachment of
1998.  It's possible it was invented by an envious American at that time.

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> On 22/03/2018 08:41, d-lien University of Minnesota wrote:
>> I posted a query on another of my groups, which has a number of
>> Australians contributing.  Only got one response, from an Australian
>> woman now living in the U.S. who says she's familiar with the quote
>> and uses it herself, but has no idea of its origins or its canonical
>> exact wording.
>> For what it's worth. . .
>> Dennis Lien /d-lien at umn.edu
> I am Australian. I have never come across it. I have no doubt that
> somebody will attribute it to Mark Twain. Before I start, a declaration of
> interest: I have no known convict ancestors, unlike my wife, of whom I am
> profoundly jealous: we Australians see the convicts now as having equal
> standing with the DAR.
> There's a close hit here: <http://www.swellnet.com/forums/wax/337200>
> A spot-on hit here: <https://boards.straightdope.c
> om/sdmb/showthread.php?t=665409>
> Sir Les Patterson (Barry Humphries) said it in 2008: <
> https://www.spectator.co.uk/2008/10/diplomatic-notebook/>
> That, on  a cursory look, is the earliest. A lot of our most colourful
> expressions (like 'Technicolor Yawn') came from Humphries' invention, Bazza
> McKenzie, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was the source.
> The sort of stupid "slinging off" about convicts that merits a slap-down
> comes usually from a particular class of young males with the charisma of
> John Major on a wet day and the personal hygiene of Albert Steptoe. They
> feel injured when we don't dance around, admiring them.
> That is when they start making convict comments. My retort in that case is
> to explain how my grandmother feared going to England "because that was
> where the convicts came from", and I think that one might actually trace
> back to Miles Franklin.
> For a more even-handed look at the early convicts, see <
> https://oldblockwriter.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/about-those-convicts.html>
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