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Hi John

I believe this is the strip you are looking for:

(Lucy: "A true work of art takes at least an hour!"  [*])

[P.S. For any folks who might be interested, but might not
be aware of this feature, I'll just mention that all Peanuts
strips are available on the GoComics site.

Unfortunately the strips can't be searched by text, but all strips
are indexed by date.  For example the July 2, 1961 strip
referred to below is available at:
http://www.gocomics.com/peanuts/1961/07/02     --N]

[* Here is another famous strip from the Lucy/Linus "great art" debate:
http://www.gocomics.com/peanuts/1968/10/13  ]

John Henderson wrote:
>A line from a Peanuts strip is misremembered, so an accurate quotation
>and the date of the strip when it first appeared would be greatly
>appreciated by a colleague of mine.
>Linus and Lucy are discussing artwork, and one or the other makes the
>claim that it isn't art unless it takes at least 45 minutes to
>A similarly themed strip appeared on July 2, 1961, in which the
>concluding line is "Great art should never be mushed up," but that is
>the closest I've found.
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