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Hmm. I may need to read Lovecraft, for this paragraph makes my spine shiver
> and hair curl!

Go for it, it's one click away in "The Call of Cthulhu":


But when I was a novice Lovecraft reader, it's "The Colour out of Space"
that creeped me out the most:


My signature below is the Arabic version of "That is not dead which can
eternal lie / And with strange eons even death may die."  The author's name
is correctly given here as Abdullah al-Hazred (which is عبدالله الحظرد in
Arabic script), rather than the ungrammatical form Abdul al-Hazred that
Lovecraft himself used; it means "the servant of (God) the Prohibited".
The book name is said to be an imitation of the buzzing noises of nocturnal
insects; in European languages it is usually called the Necronomicon ("Book
of Dead Names" in Greek).

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