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On 1/20/2018 5:11 PM, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
> Horace Mann is said to have uttered the line "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory or humanity" in a baccalaureate address at Antioch College in 1859.  I am not readily finding the exact date of this address.  Can anyone supply the exact date?

[That should say "FOR humanity", although "O'ER" would be interesting.]

Joy Elmer Morgan's "Horace Mann at Antioch" (1938) says, on p. 361, that 
the baccalaureate address was "Delivered by Horace Mann, June 29, 1859". 
  The date can be clearly seen in the scan of the book at the Internet 
Archive, https://archive.org/details/horacemannatanti028533mbp .

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