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Katheryn Carrier kcarrier at tadl.org
Mon Jan 15 13:51:21 PST 2018

Here's the details of a story our patron is trying to locate:

*One of the chapters in it has a story about a little girl's dog that's
always getting into trouble, and the girl's parents want to get rid of the
dog.  The theme of the story is about forgiveness, and despite the dog's
misbehaving, the little girl always forgives the dog, because she loves
him, just as God always forgives us when we ask Him for forgiveness,
because God is Love.*

_Bedtime stories_ was published in a number of editions and volumes.
The author was Seventh Day Adventist and some of the stories were
republished in various SDA publications.

Sitting in my doctor's waiting room twice a week for months where I was
stuck for 20 minutes after getting my allergy shot  I read all off the
books in the series as well as all the _Bible stories_ series they had on
hand. I remember "Windy nights" but I don't remember this one.

None of the catalog entries or for sale descriptions I've found has
included a table of contents.

I have tried various combinations of <uncle arthur maxwell dog puppy
forgiv* stor*>.

I haven't checked with a local SDA church. It was my impression the patron
may have already done that.

Some of these stories appear in an online index but short of looking at all
400+ entries I'm hoping someone on the list will recognize this and can
provide a copy of the story, citation, etc. The patron believes it may be
in volume 1, first edition.

Thank you.

Katheryn Carrier

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Traverse City, Michigan  49686  USA

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