[PW] Need help identifying a children's story about a robot and a boy

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Tue Feb 6 14:10:50 PST 2018

Hello everyone,

A patron wants to identify a book  for a friend.  Note: at the end she lists those title she has already eliminated. In addition to those, I have also eliminated Mercer Mayer's book, "Walk, Robot, Walk" because it is wordless. My library staff is thinking it might be "Iron Giant," but none of the characters' names match the recollection. I'm casting this broader net, in the hope that someone might remember an exact match.

Here is her description:

> Late 1950's or 1960's children's fiction, a book about  little  boy who builds a robot
> Description: This book was read in the 1960's (maybe 1967 of 1968) by a friend of mine. He describes it as being a book about a little boy who built a robot out of scraps. Those scraps maybe have been pick-up from a junk yard.  The boy may have been an only child and living with one parent. The second parent may have died or was away in the military. The robot's name or the boy's name could have been Robbie. My friend definitely remembers the name Robbie. Another character in the book could have been named Tommy or Johnny. The robot and the boy developed a friendship. "Robbie" could have also been in the title of the book.
> Books that I have already eliminated: "Andy Buckram's Tin Man", "Harry's Homemade Robot", "The Runaway Robot", "Tommy Tinker the Wind up Robot" and "Rosalie, Robbie and the robot"


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