[PW] Antique hand-powered tool question

brian whatcott betwys1 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 27 12:39:36 PDT 2018

This device shares some design features with the breast drill.
It lacks the two jaw chuck at the ball carrier end and lacks the chest 
pad at the proximal end.
Speculatively, it could be a massage device - though doubtful. It could 
be a nut shucker of some kind, or a clay compactor - though very 
doubtful. I notice very modest wear on the bearing faces of the balls, 
suggesting use with some relatively soft, clean object.
That's all I have

Brian W

On 8/27/2018 11:57 AM, Nichael Cramer wrote:
> Dear Source of All Knowledge
> An antique-tool I list I hang out on has a bit of a stumper.
> Below is list of pictures that has posing a bit of a mystery.
> They show an assortment of pictures of a hand-powered tool of some 
> variety.
> The basic machine uses a dual-hand-powered crank, which
> spins a set of seven wooden balls (two of the balls have
> been broken off; one of the other balls has been replaced).
> http://www.edoii.com/auction/whatsit/img_0827.jpg
> http://www.edoii.com/auction/whatsit/img_0828.jpg
> http://www.edoii.com/auction/whatsit/img_0829.jpg
> http://www.edoii.com/auction/whatsit/img_0830.jpg
> http://www.edoii.com/auction/whatsit/img_0831.jpg
> http://www.edoii.com/auction/whatsit/img_0832.jpg
> Anyway, I thought I'd turn to the Font of All Wisdom
> to see if (yet again) it could help with such an indentification.
> (Also, to save some time, I'll just mention that a fair
> amount of "maybe-it's-a-XYZ" speculation has already
> taken place.  So, I'd request that folks respond only if
> they A] can provide a specific identification of the
> gadget or B] can recommend a source that has a reasonable
> chance of providing useful information.)
> Thanks much,
> N
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