[PW] Antique hand-powered tool question

Nichael Cramer nichael at sover.net
Mon Aug 27 10:54:02 PDT 2018

To answer my own question, (and just in case anyone was actually wondering),
it turns out it's a wall-mounted "Spalding Automatic Abdominal Masseur"


Likewise, scroll down to pg 55:


>Dear Source of All Knowledge
>An antique-tool I list I hang out on has a bit of a stumper.
>Below is list of pictures that has posing a bit of a mystery.
>They show an assortment of pictures of a hand-powered tool of some variety.
>The basic machine uses a dual-hand-powered crank, which
>spins a set of seven wooden balls (two of the balls have
>been broken off; one of the other balls has been replaced).
>Anyway, I thought I'd turn to the Font of All Wisdom
>to see if (yet again) it could help with such an indentification.
>(Also, to save some time, I'll just mention that a fair
>amount of "maybe-it's-a-XYZ" speculation has already
>taken place.  So, I'd request that folks respond only if
>they A] can provide a specific identification of the
>gadget or B] can recommend a source that has a reasonable
>chance of providing useful information.)
>Thanks much,

Nichael Cramer
Guilford VT
nichael at sover.net

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