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Sat Aug 4 18:08:09 PDT 2018

Pardon me if this is a duplicate post.  I replied to a digest email before realizing that’s probably not the right way to post a question.

Not much to go on here, but I’m trying to find a book that was for little ones.  I had it in the Kate 1980s. It was about trucks - specifically trucks that a child would see and hear in their own neighborhood.  Like the sounds of trash trucks when they were still in bed in the morning or those they might hear during the night...like fire emergency vehicles overnight, or a truck making a delivery to the local bakery early in the morning,  or cement trucks during the day.  Can’t recall all of the trucks or the details but remember the sense that these were the tucks of a child’s neighborhood.   

My son is 33 and it was one of those books he wanted me to read to him every night multiple times.  I remember when we got to the page about the truck delivering to the bakery and it was supposed to be full of bread he would break into the biggest smile and say “mmmmm” thinking of what that smell must be.  He’s going to have his first child soon and I would love to find this book again.  

Thank you all as ever.  


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