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She should be called a "person with a disability" or a person with a
specific disability.  Ie daughter with a learning disability.

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> This is for me, so no hurry (and no I am not seeking legal advice-- I'm
> seeking information). I have a friend whose daughter is what used to be
> called "mentally retarded" (not sure what the current expression is---
> intellectually challenged?); anyway, she's in her early twenties, bright,
> outgoing, and very good at reading.  Unfortunately, she's awful at math.
> Here in Massachusetts, one must pass a standardized test called MCAS (I
> think most states have these tests, under various names) to get a high
> school diploma. She couldn't pass it, due to her problems with math--
> although she did pass the English part.  But despite having a job and even
> attending some adult education classes, it continues to bother her that she
> has no high school diploma. I vaguely recall a story about one state that
> gave kids with mental challenges some kind of waiver such that they could
> get some kind of diploma or certificate even if they couldn't pass the
> standardized test.  But when I searched for a story about it, nothing came
> up. Has anyone heard of waivers for kids who, due to intellectual
> disabilities, come close but are not able to pass the standardized high
> school graduation test?
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