[PW] quick legal question

Donna Halper dlh at donnahalper.com
Wed Mar 29 06:58:01 PDT 2017

On 3/29/2017 7:50 AM, John Cowan wrote:
> Googling the above sentence led me to the concept of special diplomas.
> Whether these exist depends on the state (Texas has them, Florida doesn't,
> as far as I checked), but they are tailored for intellectually disabled
> kids who want a diploma.  Employers probably won't treat it as equivalent
> to a regular diploma, though.

Yes, this is what I vaguely recalled-- thanks so much, John.  It's not 
so much for a job that she wants the diploma-- it's about her 
self-image, from the conversations I've had with her.  Mostly, she just 
wants to be able to say she was able to get one, like other kids who 
attended her high school did.

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