[PW] the non-panhandle part of the state is called what?

Patsy Price beyondwords at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 17 13:04:44 PST 2017

Anne asked:
>When a state has a panhandle, what is the part of the state that's not the
>panhandle called?  Is there a word for it?

My mother worked in the Oklahoma Panhandle for a while during Dust 
Bowl days. I was born & raised in northeastern Oklahoma 
(Bartlesville). I don't remember ever hearing a term to describe the 
non-panhandle part of Oklahoma except "the rest of the state" or "the 
other 74 counties."

I'm not sure when I learned that states other than Oklahoma and Texas 
had panhandles. But only my state actually looked like a pan with a 

In a Google search I found this at http://newsok.com/article/2154785:
>The former publisher of a newspaper in a tiny slice of northwestern 
>Oklahoma cavalierly dismisses the non-panhandle bulk of the state as 
>"southeastern Oklahoma."



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