[PW] World Leaders of Minimal Dignity or Minimal Knowledgeability

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> Zengde

Make that Zhu Houzhao, known as the Zengde Emperor.

More crazy monarchs for the list (monarchy, being inbred, produces a lot):

Maria I (Portugal)
Ludwig II (Bavaria)
Carlos II (Spain)
Ivan IV the Terrible (Russia)
Ibrahim (Ottoman Empire)
Fyodor I (Russia)
Vlad III (Wallachia)
Wilhelm II (Germany)
Henry VI (England)
Alfonso VI (Portugal)
Ferdinand I (Austia)
Qin Xi Huang (China)
Charles IX (France), known as "the Snotty" -- Charles VI was known as "the Mad"
Robert III (Scotland)
Erik XIV (Sweden)
Elagalabus (Roman Empire)
Ivan V (Russia) "the Ignorant"
Safi I (Persia)
Nabonidus (Babylon)

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