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Donna Halper dlh at donnahalper.com
Sun Sep 11 20:16:16 PDT 2016

On 9/11/2016 9:59 PM, Leigh, Robin wrote:
> Does any one have a reliable citation for this quotation by Bernie Sanders?  I wrote to his web site contact, but haven't received a response and I am not from Vermont.  Thank you.
> "Choosing to spend our tax money on building our nation instead of endless war is not 'magical thinking'"

This meme began appearing in late February 2016, on Twitter, as I 
recall.  I don't know if Bernie actually said it (although it does look 
like something close to several of his tweets), but I am sure his former 
social media director would have a list of his tweets from back then.  
For what it's worth, his former Communications Director was Michael 
Briggs and his press secretary was Symone Sanders (no relation). I am 
sure either or both are on Google and could answer your question.

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