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Yes; nothing so helpful as a face to face with a committed enthusiast.
I would  recommend arranging a visit to a center of expertise:
In the US, that would be one of these:
A call to the department secretary asking when would be a good time to 

Brian W

On 9/7/2016 2:16 PM, Lois Aleta Fundis wrote:
> I know this is late -- I am still catching up with e-mail after my vacation
> -- but if there is a Greek Orthodox Church nearby, they may offer Greek
> lessons to their young people, and whoever teaches that class might be able
> to help.
> On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 12:00 PM, Robert Sullivan <
> robert.g.sullivan at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I just had a bright young lady (going into fourth grade) who asked
>> about learning Ancient Greek.  She had a piece of paper with some
>> names and words which she had transliterated into Greek characters,
>> but she'd like to learn the language.
>> I gave her a book & CD on beginning Greek, and I found a few resources
>> for her mom to try:
>> <http://www.kidsgreek.com/>
>> <http://www.biblicalgreek.org/links/children.php>
>> <https://archive.org/details/DoYouSpeakGreek>
>> I'd like to feed her enthusiasm, so any suggestions would be appreciated.
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