[PW] trying to find fantasy teen book

Hari-Parkash Khalsa hari.khalsasalsa at gmail.com
Tue May 24 22:51:23 PDT 2016


There was this book I read back in middle school or high school about a
teenager growing up in some sort of military, religious order that trained
him to be a soldier since he was very young.  He himself has a knack for
fighting and tactics as he hit his head on a rock that somehow made his
brain ideal for those sort of things.  He escapes with a friend or two I
believe and they go to some nearby kingdom.  There he meets a princess, but
the kingdom is attacked and defeated by the same military order he escapes
from and he is recaptured ending the novel.

Does this ring a bell? I can't remember the author or title, just the
overall plot. Also, there are other miscellaneous details I remember about
the plot.  They are very specific details so if this is needed, feel free
to ask.


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