[PW] Question about Independent Voices: An Open Access Collection of an Alternative Press

ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 15:53:30 PDT 2016

Thanks to Dennis Lien for his informative response to my question on
another thread. Dennis made the excellent suggestion that I should
attempt to access an issue of the "Los Angeles Free Press" to find the
first publication on an article by Harlan Ellison that was reprinted
in the collection "The Glass Teat".

The pertinent issues of the "Los Angeles Free Press" in 1968 have been
scanned, and they are searchable at a website called "Independent
Voices: An Open Access Collection of an Alternative Press".


A search for the phrase "Is a malign thug" yields a match:

[Begin match information]
Page 17 (Locked)
Los Angeles Free Press, Vol 5, Issue 220-Part Two, 10/4/1968
Source Library: Archives and Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd
Research Center, University of Connecticut
[End match information]

I cannot view the page because it is locked until 2019 for the general
public, apparently. Does some list member have access to this archive?
Maybe someone at University of Connecticut has access to the scans of
the "Los Angeles Free Press".

The website of "Los Angeles Free Press" has an email address for
"archive services" and that is another lead I will follow if

The Independent Voices archive also has a copy of a famous fake
interview which is sometimes referred to as Pablo Picasso's
"Confession". The piece appeared in a journal called "Origin" and
quotations from it have been incorrectly ascribed to Picasso. A search
for the phrase "I am only a public entertainer" yields a match:

[Begin match information]
Page 3 (Locked)
Origin, Vol 2, Issue 12, 1/1/1964
Source Library: Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin – Madison
[End match information]

If you can access this article I would love to have a scan.

Evidence indicates that the fictitious interview lampooning Picasso
was actually constructed by the writer Giovanni Papini who included it
in his book "The El Libro Negro".


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