[PW] ? Theo Dahl accident

Ellen Ehrig ehehrig at frontiernet.net
Sat Jul 9 13:40:05 PDT 2016

I am trying to find information about the accident (and any information
about the taxi driver, such as his name and whether he was charged with
anything ) in which 4 month old Theo Dahl was hurt:


"In December 1960 in New York City, the family nanny was walking with
3-year-old Tessa Dahl and 4-month-old Theo Dahl when a taxi plowed into the
baby carriage, throwing it 40 feet into the air until it crashed into the
side of a parked bus. Miraculously, Theo survived, but his skull was


There must have been a story in the New York Times at the time, but I do not
have access to that database before 1980.


No rush on this.


Thanks in advance for any info that can be provided.





Ellen H. Ehrig

ehehrig at frontiernet.net <mailto:ehehrig at frontiernet.net> 



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