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Jocelyn Shaw redfernshaw at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 10:03:51 PDT 2016

Here's a summary of the suggestions for what the mystery tool might be.  I
think the rope maker and silk spinner may be getting close.

No first hand knowledge but why would I allow that to prevent me from
speculating?  It seems clear that loops of thread hung down from one,
several, or all of the lower hooks where slotted holes are intended to
allow threading the gadget. It seems unlikely that this frame would be used
for drying dyed thread, or else the frame would be discolored ~ but it is
possible that the effect of this frame was to straighten washed thread....

Maybe a spool holder for four spools two in each hoop, would combine four

It looks like an upside down display rack that was modified

Somehow related to rope making?  Bent wires at bottom to guide multiple
plies.  Probably a crank attached somewhere.  Round holes in base for
gauge.  Rod and washers at top of post to attach it to a ceiling beam or
wall strut.

Looks like a silk croissure for reeling silk off cocoons!

"I think the upper part, the 2"x2", is made to bolt into a floor joist, in
a garage or basement, and the lower circular part and vertical cylinder
hold screwdrivers of different sizes, wrenches, keys, washers, bolts and
nuts, etc.."  What's the little tube thing on the bottom right?   "I think
it is another place to put your very small screwdrivers in those various
sized eyelets. But then, I could be way off."


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