[PW] Historical time zones in the US

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Wed Aug 17 15:25:27 PDT 2016

I have a patron who wants to know if our twin cities were ever on different
times. The state line goes down the center of town, half in Tennessee and
half in Virginia.  My first thought was perhaps there was a time when one
side didn't observe DST, but so far I haven't found that to be the case,
though admittedly this is difficult to ascertain.  I'm going through
microfilmed newspapers but between 1945 and 1967, states could decide when
they wanted DST to begin and end, providing they wanted to change at all.
However, in poking around I found an image of a 1913 time zone map for the
U.S. which would seem to show Virginia in one time zone and Tennessee in
another.  Does anyone known when the next time zones were set?  Or exactly
when this time zone might have been set? My thought is that there might be
an article in a local paper at the time this took place, commenting on the

TIA for any help,
who is really, really tired of trying to read old microfilm

Bristol Public Library
Bristol, VA/TN

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