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Hi All--
What's the name of the town?  I'll be able to tell you as soon as I know


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> I have a patron who wants to know if our twin cities were ever on different
> times. The state line goes down the center of town, half in Tennessee and
> half in Virginia.  My first thought was perhaps there was a time when one
> side didn't observe DST, but so far I haven't found that to be the case,
> though admittedly this is difficult to ascertain.  I'm going through
> microfilmed newspapers but between 1945 and 1967, states could decide when
> they wanted DST to begin and end, providing they wanted to change at all.
> However, in poking around I found an image of a 1913 time zone map for the
> U.S. which would seem to show Virginia in one time zone and Tennessee in
> another.  Does anyone known when the next time zones were set?  Or exactly
> when this time zone might have been set? My thought is that there might be
> an article in a local paper at the time this took place, commenting on the
> event.
> TIA for any help,
> Jeanne
> who is really, really tired of trying to read old microfilm
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