[PW] again, query about comment on English criminal law

Solomons1pal at aol.com Solomons1pal at aol.com
Wed Aug 17 10:21:19 PDT 2016

   This is a query I've  posted before with no responses; I now post it 
again because new people may have  joined Wombats since my last posting, and 
old Wombats may have learned something  they didn't know earlier.  So pace 
Todd Mills, I repeat  myself:
   Years ago, a well-known writer on the history of  criminal law said 
something to this effect:  "The trouble with English  criminal law is that it 
was designed for use by a bobby in an English  village."  (This is a 
paraphrase, not an exact quote.)  I sent private  messages to several leading legal 
historians and criminologists asking for help,  but none could tell me who 
the writer was.  One of them liked the  near-quote, and thanked me for calling 
it to his attention!
   So I now post the query again,  hoping...

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