[PW] Stumper: Chinese prisoner stumps guards with quotes from Chairman Mao?

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Mon Aug 15 13:24:49 PDT 2016

Sounds like Life and Death in Shanghai, although the name is a little off

On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 2:45 PM, Doug Anderson <andersdo at acdl.info> wrote:

> A patron today brought an interesting puzzler. I've had very little luck.
> She remembers reading a book, "probably in the '80s", in which a woman
> named Helen Chen (*not* this one: http://www.helenchen.com/ ) was a
> prisoner in China. She was the mother of a dissident, and was imprisoned as
> an enemy of the state.
> Whenever the guards came to torture her or execute her, she stumped them by
> citing quotes from the Little Red Book that supposedly proved they couldn't
> do what they were going to do without contravening Chairman Mao's orders.
> Helen Chen was told that her daughter had committed suicide by throwing
> herself off a tall building, but apparently there was reason to believe
> that she'd been pushed.
> The patron believes pretty strongly that this was nonfiction, not a novel.
> Does this description of the book ring any bells with anyone? Either my
> Monday Google-fu is failing me or there's not much out there that quite
> matches the description she's given.
> Any leads and suggestions greatly appreciated.
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