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You might see what  http://blackpressresearchcollective.org/  has to offer.

Bill Davis

At 01:24 PM 8/10/2016, you wrote:
>This is purely for my own research, so, there's no hurry.  I am 
>working on a conference paper and finding it very difficult to 
>locate photographs of certain black news-makers from the 
>1920s-1930s. The news industry was segregated, sad to say, and black 
>reporters generally worked for the black press; but many of those 
>papers are now defunct, or under new ownership, and their photo 
>files have either vanished or were never preserved. I can easily 
>find the photos on microfilm, but they are usually of very poor 
>quality and would not look good in a presentation.
>I especially need some photos that appeared in the Chicago Defender 
>& Pittsburgh Courier in the mid-to-late 1930s, but neither newspaper 
>has saved the originals; nor does the Library of Congress or the 
>Chicago Public Library own copies-- I've checked (both online, and 
>by calling their archivists). Any ideas about whether a repository 
>for news photos from the black newspapers and magazines exists 
>anywhere? Thanks for any suggestions.
>Donna L. Halper, PhD
>Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies
>Lesley University, Cambridge MA
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