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Hi all

This is for me. Just curious.   The Word of the Day.  Origin 
uncertain they say.


simoleon    \suh-MOH-lee-uh n\

1. Slang. a dollar.

What few people know is that Gussie had inked a Lone Star in one 
corner of every single simoleon. Gussie's bills turn up in the 
strangest places -- like Effie Sue Etheridge's garden and the effects 
of two teen-age runaways ...
-- Kit Reed, "In Short: Fiction; The Laying Out of Gussie Hoot," New 
York Times, January 20, 1991

  ... Gordon paid for a rye whiskey and a Coca-Cola with a simoleon 
that had grains of sand stuck to it.
Ron Hansen, "Playland," Nebraska, 1989

Origin of simoleon
Simoleon is an Americanism, but its origin is uncertain. It may be 
formed on the basis of the word Napoleon, which refers to a gold coin 
issued during Napoleon I's reign.

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