[PW] Spanish version of the short story Pancake by Joan Bauer

d-lien University of Minnesota d-lien at umn.edu
Tue Oct 20 10:57:59 PDT 2015

For what it's worth (admittedly not much):

(1) a Google search for:   panqueques "joan bauer"
did not produce anything useful

(2) a WorldCat search for Spanish-language works with Joan Baure in
the author field turned up only one book, which appears to be a novel:

Title:     Si Cupido me echase una mano-- :
me amaría él con locura? /
Uniform Title:     Thwonk. Spanish
Author(s):     Bauer, Joan, 1951-
Publication:     Barcelona : Montena,
Edition: 1. ed.
Year:     1999
Description:     185 pages ; 18 cm
Language:     Spanish
Standard No:     ISBN: 8425399920; 9788425399923; 8475159311; 9788475159317
Descriptor:     Love stories.
Photography -- Juvenile fiction.
Love stories.

It is still, of course, possible that a Spanish translation of her
story appeared in a Spanish magazine, or in an anthology which either
did not show up in WorldCat or which showed up in WorldCat without its
contents specified, but I'd think it's not promising.  Sorry,

Dennis Lien / d-lien at umn.edu

On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 12:38 PM, Debbie Hills
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> Great advice.
> Thanks
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> Debbie Hills scripsit:
>> Our ESL teacher is trying to help his students understand the story,
>> but is finding it difficult because of the English words that are used
>> by Bauer.
> A useful thing would be to prepare a list of the words the students are
> having trouble with, along with a reference to their context in the story.
> A native speaker would be able to annotate them with suitable equivalents.
>> I'm a little leery of the translation sites b/c I'm never sure if the
>> translation is accurate.... especially since I don't speak Spanish.
> Never, never use machine translation with anything resembling literature.
> It's best to use it only when you want the general gist of a passage,
> you are a native speaker of the language being translated into, and you
> know something about the subject matter (so you can be appropriately
> skeptical about the results).
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