[PW] easy if you have the source: newspaper circulation lookup

Keach, Jennifer A - keachja keachja at jmu.edu
Fri Oct 16 10:53:42 PDT 2015


This is a straightforward question if you happen to have Editor & Publisher International Yearbook, access to the Alliance for Audited Media database, or other similar reference work. Unfortunately, I don't have access and so this has ended up being harder than I would have imagined.

I am looking for current data for:

*       print/digital subscriptions for the Daily Progress in Charlottesville, Virginia

*       print/digital subscriptions for the Roanoke Times, Virginia

Contacting the newspaper directly didn't pan out. I'm finding 2013 data online for both through Wikipedia, but would like the student who is asking to have something more authoritative and more recent if possible.

Thank you for any help you can provide,
Jennifer Keach
Liaison for Media Arts & Design
James Madison University

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