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Student is requesting free-use websites to be bookmarked for the college class she is taking.
I will use your suggestions to see what might come up.... I've been using the general search of "superheroes."
I'll try using a more specific search.
Thanks so much.

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Hmm.  In that case, have you searched using the names of specific
superheroes (Superman, Batman, and X-men might be good ones to start
with) and the type of media:  radio, movies, pulp magazines, etc.?  I
know that there has been much serious historical criticism about the
way these have been used in mass media to comment on social issues
like bigotry, violence, AIDS, etc.  There's also been a good bit about
the use of specific heroes in advertising.

Or would that be too tangential for your use?

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> NOT articles... websites to be bookmarked.  Sorry.
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