[PW] Searching for a Western novel

Harald Lossner Harald.Lossner at gmx.net
Sun Nov 29 14:52:01 PST 2015

It was at the end of the sixties when I read a Western novel  that I liked very much.

I don’t  know the writer or the title which I would like to know.

The story started with a small rancher in a secluded valley who was visited by a girl of a mountaineer family. The girl tried to warn him about an attack that should come soon. So the girl stayed overnight. Later the rancher went to town to visit his girl friend. She was a teacher in town and was upset because she learned that he had this girl staying overnight. Later he was captured by the girl’s brothers and was made to marry their sister.

I would like to read this story again. Maybe someone knows the story and can tell me the writer.

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