[PW] stumper: novel where man chopping tree, hits stone, dies?

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Great work, pb. Here are some additional details for your patron. The
excerpt below is from a chapter titled "The Stone in the Heart of the
Tree" in the 1933 novel "Anthony Adverse". An individual dies while
wielding an axe that strikes a stone within a tree:

Website: Project Gutenberg Australia
Year: 1933
Novel: Anthony Adverse
Author: Hervey Allen
Volume 3 of 3
Chapter 68: The Stone in the Heart of the Tree


[Begin excerpt]
The tree was very old. In past ages it had taken up a stone, as it
grew, into the heart of it. And now it was waiting there--the stone in
the heart of the tree.

The hard chips flew; the gash made by the metal widened. Suddenly the
axe twisted in his hand as though it had been turned against him. The
steel rang. The sharp edge bit into the flesh of the man. He staggered
backward, clutching himself. From the great artery near his groin a
wide arc of blood spurted into the sunlight with every heart-throb.

For a moment he was only amazed. Then came terror. Then no more of
that forever. He struggled desperately to stanch his wound. It was
difficult to get at it. He succeeded in stopping the flow of blood a
little with his scarf and belt.
. . .

>From behind a mere shadow of it the light still came. All else grew
dark now. Suddenly the rays of light themselves dissolved and began to
sweep into his eyes like grey seeds of darkness. He shuddered. All was
black now. The . . .
[End excerpt]


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> The answer to the question about the book with the man’s name in the title is Anthony Adverse, but the filter won’t let me answer it for some reason.  Could you post it?
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