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It does seem that THE CABLE GUIDE was publishing, and probably for the New Milford area, in 1985, albeit in a small-format magazine (rather than the 8.5 x 11" format it would later take). Also, any holdings of the cable television magazine TOTAL: 
"a weekly cable guide published by the Atlantic Cable Television Publishing Corporation for the Cablevision Systems Corporation of Woodbury, L.I." 
--as the NEW YORK TIMES put it in 1992, which was about to be merged with THE CABLE GUIDE, might well have the necessary information for you. (the NYT article is at:
(I perhaps assume too much, but I doubt it, that if they were publishing a guide for Cablevision's Long Island customers that they would also go out to the suburban Conn market.)

As to who might hold THE CABLE GUIDE or TOTAL issues for New Milford in 1985 aside from hobbyist collectors (archives of business publications? university special collections?) I know not...these would be treated as the most ephemeral of publications (next to WEEKLY SHOPPERS) at the time.

Todd Mason

On Monday, November 9, 2015 4:44 PM, Todd Mason <foxbrick at yahoo.com> wrote:
There's the chance that TV GUIDE's surviving Philadelphia office, or its NYC office, still has copies of the Cablevision-specific "big book" they were publishing in 1985, as I believe Cablevision might've been one of the clients of one of the companies TV GUIDE absorbed about 1998, TVSM, the publishers of TOTAL TV and THE CABLE GUIDE. However, the institutional memory of TV GUIDE is not one of the strengths of the organization. For that matter, I don't know if THE CABLE GUIDE was publishing as early as 1985, particularly with a Cablevision-specific edition for the New Milford area. 

I will ask around a bit. 

Todd Mason

On Monday, November 9, 2015 3:26 PM, Erin Johnson <ejohnson at biblio.org> wrote:

We had a reference question at the desk today that we cannot make heads or
tales of, a patron asked for the Cablevision New Milford (CT) list of
available channels from December 1st 1985. Our local paper on microfilm
doesn't have that info, Cablevision itself holds no record of "channel
keep" before 2012, and they had no source for reliable information to
direct me toward.

Does anyone know of a way to track this information down?

Many Thanks,


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