[PW] searchable German language newspapers?

Jerilyn Marshall jerilyn.marshall at uni.edu
Mon Nov 9 06:46:10 PST 2015

This is not exactly what you are asking but may be helpful.

I recently learned of a book published in 2014 titled *Historic German
Newspapers Online*. Author is Ernest Thode. Publisher, Genealogical
Publishing Company in Baltimore. I looked at it at the Family History
Library in Salt Lake City during a recent trip, and was thinking of buying
one but have not done so yet. Because it's recent I imagine the information
about online newspapers is still pretty accurate.

I don't know which of the papers are searchable and which have to be
browsed. But it would give information on where to find them.

WorldCat shows 65 libraries holding this book:

Here is information about ordering from the publisher, if anybody is


*Original question:*

*Does anyone know if any of the German newspapers from Berlin are
availablein searchable databases for the years 1935 - 1960?  Something
similar towhat schools in the U.S. have available via Pro-Quest
or newspapers.com <http://newspapers.com/>?Barbara*

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