[PW] BLONDIE on 9/11/2011

NancyJo Leachman nancyjo at salpublib.org
Fri Nov 6 14:28:39 PST 2015

On 9/11/2011 dozens of comic strips paid homage to the 10th anniversary of
9/11. I'm looking for the Blondie one. They are on a list of the 93 strips
that did it. But all links I can are dead links for Blondie. I get "file
not available" when I click on Blondie on several sites that offer the
cartoons. I get the actual comic for all the others I've tried, but all
Blondie links seem to be dead. Can anyone send me a jpg of this comic? Or
give me the url of one they found? Apparently it's Dagwood and Blondie and
neighbors saluting the flag with the caption "Never Forget."
Thanks in advance.

Nancy Jo Leachman
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