[PW] Shape name of the peace symbol

T.J. Szafranski tjszafranski at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 12:04:04 PST 2015

Can anyone help with this question - Thanks in advance.

*I am trying to find the correct terminology to use for a shape where three
lines intersect with consistent angular displacement, as in the Mercedes
logo or the old "peace sign". If such a shape had four lines intersecting
and with consistent angular displacement, it would be called "cruciform"
for obvious reasons. I am thinking there must be an equivalent term for
when only three lines intersect, but have not yet been able to find

I know a *chord* is a line segment ending on 2 sides of a circle, so you
might get away with saying something like "circle with three visible
chords," but perhaps there's something more official.

T.J. Szafranski

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