[PW] Book sets and bookmarks

Debbie Hills debbie.hills at columbuscsd.org
Wed Nov 4 09:34:48 PST 2015

This may not elicit a response but I'm putting it out there.

Our school is a located in a small low-income town in rural Iowa (over 80% of our students are on "free and reduced" lunches).

As you can imagine, our budget it small.... and the library is sometimes on the bottom of the list.

Students love bookmarks, but currently we do not have the money to make those purchases.  I've made some from used greeting cards, etc., but would really like some actual bookmarks for the 7-12 grades.

Does anyone know where I could get some free bookmarks?

Is there some institution I could contact regarding funding for bookmarks or book sets for a low-income school?

Thanks in advance.

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