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This on the YouTube site of the cartoon.

> *ploaded on Feb 6, 2009*
> This 1933 cartoon featuring Cab Calloway is remarkable for having been 
> animated by a single individual, Roland C. Crandall, and is considered 
> one of the best cartoons ever made. Crandall received the opportunity 
> to make Snow White on his own as a reward for his several years of 
> devotion to the Fleischer studio, and the resulting film is considered 
> both his masterwork and an important milestone of The Golden Age of 
> American animation.
> (See The 50 Greatest Cartoons, as Selected by 1,000 Animation 
> Professionals, edited by Jerry Beck, Turner Publishing, Inc., 1994.)
> You don't get to see any live action of Cab in "Snow White," which is 
> too bad, but the animation is incredible and, of course, the music is 
> Cab and his Orchestra at their best.
> First Cab sings "St. James Infirmary" in the rotoscoped guise of Koko 
> the Clown. "St. James Infirmary" was Cab's original signature tune, 
> but he wanted something written specifically for himself, so he and 
> Irving Mills wrote "Minnie the Moocher" to supplant "St. James 
> Infirmary." The two melodies are extremely similar, and also bear a 
> close resemblance to "Prohibition Blues." "Snow White" ends with the 
> old Missourians instrumental, "Stopping the Traffic."
> This plot, such as it is, is really more a framework to display a 
> series of gags, musical selections, and clever animation. Critics have 
> cited the film as having some of the most imaginative animation and 
> background drawings from the Fleischer Studios artists.

I remember a tv special with Fred Astaire in the old b & w tv days in 
which he did a dance to St. James Infirmary.

Doris Ann Norris, the 2000-year-old librarian

  5/15/2015 4:37 PM, Bill Davis wrote:
> I'm trying to help someone on IMDB find what piece of music was used 
> from 3:34 to 4:00 in a Betty Boop cartoon here:
> https://youtu.be/CNG8GYrh1mg?t=3m33s
> It was immediately preceded by the music from a then-current Bing 
> Crosby song, "Please," so I think this might be another popular theme 
> from the time.
> http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000001/flat/243699222?p=1
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