[PW] Literature compilations and journals

Katherine Harper kharper4 at gmail.com
Sat May 9 07:51:40 PDT 2015

Good morning, everyone--

I'm preparing to move and hope that a fellow Wombat will give some of my
unneeded books and journals a home. You may have any or all of these for
the cost of shipping:

   - *Book History* (hardbound annual of the Society for Authorship,
   Reading & Publishing) vols. 3-6 (2000-03)
   - *The Harper Single Volume American Literature* 3rd edition
   - *Literature: Reading and Writing the Human Experience* shorter 7th
   - *MidAmerica* (yearbook of the Society for the Study of Midwestern
   Literature) 21-26 (1994-99)
   - *Midwestern Miscellany* (biannual of the SSML) 24-28 (1996-2000)
   Includes special issues on Toni Morrison and *Raintree County*
   - *The Norton Anthology of American Literature* shorter 5th edition
   - *The Norton Anthology of English Literature* 4th edition, volume 1 only

None of these volumes has been marked in and all are in very good to
excellent condition except the last, which is shelf-worn. Please drop me a
line offlist if you're interested.



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