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Hello helpful womb at ts!

I have a professor working on some research and she has asked for some assistance, but I am at a dead end.

Here is the original question:

I am trying to find information about a controversy over changing the label of a product called "Camp Coffee" - produced in Scotland but also popular in South India.  Apparently there was backlash in India over making the label of the product more "politically correct" and I've done a little sleuthing in the databases, but not having much luck in getting info on the Indian side of the equation.

I clarified that she was referring to the controversy in the late 90s over the picture of the Indian servant, which she confirmed.

Yes, that's it , the label that had the servant carrying a tray was being changed into a Sikh sitting down with the highlander to drink a cup of camp coffee.  I've received feedback on an article in progress in which the reviewer mentioned this incident and Indian resistance to 'politically correcting' the image...that's what I'm hoping to find evidence for.

I've found plenty on the controversy, but not from the Indian point of view. There are various things on the internet and I found several news articles in LexisNexis. I search LexisNexis and limited by geography hoping to get news sources from India but all the papers were the same papers coming out of the UK and Canada. I also looked on McCormick's page but aside from a picture of the current label, no luck there either.

I'm not sure where else to look. I'd appreciate any ideas or answers anyone can provide.


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