[PW] The Hill Wars of the Korean Conflict

Graeme Rymill graeme.rymill at uwa.edu.au
Sun May 3 03:23:30 PDT 2015

I am sure there was a hill designated Hill 185 near Kojo which was about 35 miles (or perhaps 40 Miles) south of Wonsan but is this the same Hill 185 where Lt. Kyle attacked and won a posthumous Medal of Honor? 

The military routinely name unknown unnamed hills by their height to distinguish them from other nearby unnamed hills hills. There could be many Hill 185s in Korea  on military maps.

The U.S. Army Centre for Military History has published a book entitled Korea 1951-1953 that is online at  http://www.history.army.mil/html/books/021/21-2/index.html

The map on page 12 shows the U.N.front lines on 25 January 1951 and again 28 February1951.  The front lines had advanced in this time period due to the U.N. counter-offensive that commenced on 25 January. Lt Kyle was killed in action on 16 February 1951. 

The map shows that the front lines on 28 February were at least 90 miles south of Wonsan. The Korean War had several periods where the U.N. armies advanced rapidly and then retreated just as rapidly retreated. However this one month period was not one of them.

Perhaps there are two Kamil-ni's in Korea or perhaps Kamil-ni has been incorrectly recorded.

Graeme Rymill

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