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The Watertown (NY) Daily News picked up a December 2, 1965 article by 
Richard L. Coe of The Washington Post, describing disputes over the 
inaccurate 1965 Warner Brothers movie and an "approved" script for a 
movie that would be filmed by Columbia under the title: "16th of 
December:  The Battle of the Bulge" (which was apparently never 
made).   The script was co-written by John Eisenhower.  It said that 
some of the disputes were resolved by Warner agreeing not to use the 
names of many of the real-life Generals in the film, and that the 
frosty relationship between Eisenhower and Montgomery had thawed a 
bit in their mutual opposition of the film.  Another article said the 
approved film would have starred Van Heflin as Eisenhower, David 
Niven as Montgomery, and John Wayne as Patton.

What it seems to come down to was that there was an epic movie in the 
works, with cooperation of many of the principals and the Defense 
Department, with a script co-written by Eisenhower's son, and Warner 
Brothers stomped on everybody's toes when they registered the title 
"The Battle of the Bulge" and made their own crappy film that didn't 
have much to do with the actual events of the Battle.   Henry Fonda 
turned over some barrels of gasoline and won the war.

A December 9 1965 AP  item mentioned the "approved" script 
recalling  the conflicts between Eisenhower and Montgomery and at the 
end says that Eisenhower was recovering from a heart attack and 
couldn't be reached for comment.

Bill Davis

At 09:24 PM 6/9/2015, you wrote:

>I've seen it reported that President Eisenhower gave a press 
>conference complaining of historical inaccuracy in the 1965 movie 
>Battle of the Bulge.  There were many good reasons for it being 
>inaccurate, but I'd like to see some of the reporting of the press conference.
>According to Wikipedia, there's a report in Robert Niemi's, History 
>of the Media: Film and Television ABC-CLIO 2006 on p 110 - but I 
>don't have that book.  I would have thought that there would be some 
>wider press coverage of his comments.
>Can anybody help?
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