[PW] 1968 Press Conference by Former President Eisenhower

Donna Halper dlh at donnahalper.com
Tue Jun 9 21:26:45 PDT 2015

On 6/9/2015 9:24 PM, Kerry Webb wrote:
> I've seen it reported that President Eisenhower gave a press 
> conference complaining of historical inaccuracy in the 1965 movie 
> Battle of the Bulge.  There were many good reasons for it being 
> inaccurate, but I'd like to see some of the reporting of the press 
> conference.

I have found at least one newspaper article (from 23 December 1965, when 
the film opened), which reported that the former president was very 
upset about the film, due to its historical inaccuracies.  It doesn't 
mention any press conference, however.  I'll keep looking.

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