[PW] Desperately looking for a poem about women supporting each other.

Howto Sayno howtosaynoreddit at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 07:35:53 PDT 2015

It's a poem I saw on reddit probably last year some time I don't even
remember which subreddit though.

It is a poem about women supporting each other and towards the end or maybe
even at the very end there is a line that says something like we weave our
hands together to catch each other when we are falling. Or something like
that I just have a vague notion of it in my mind I know it involved women
catching each other acting like a net or a nest or something along those

It's like trying to remember a dream from long ago it made a real
impression on me but I can't recall the details at all.

A friend of mind is going through some really hard times and I thought it
would be a great poem to share with her. I thought I had it saved but I
didn't and I've been looking for a few days with no luck. I've posted about
it on r/tipofmytongue and r/poetry too but with no luck. If you have any
idea what it might be I would really appreciate that!

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