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> Hello!
> I have a patron who is looking for a children's book that she read to her children approximately 20 some years ago.  The story is told from the viewpoint of the trees.  An old tree dies and she is gently laid to rest as the other trees use their limbs to lay her down.  The tree's death was renewing the earth and gave life to other living things. The part that stands out to the patron is fantastic illustrations described as something from a Rembrandt painting.  She states they were in color and looked more like pen and ink drawings rather than paintings.

Similar story but wrong decade, and the illustrations don't evoke Rembrandt:

A Grand Old Tree (2005) -
http://www.amazon.com/Grand-Tree-Mary-Newell-Depalma/dp/0439623340 -
"...The fact that the tree is given a female persona makes her seem
that much more alive than if she were an it. Her roots sank deep into
the earth, her arms reached high into the sky. The art superbly
complements the writing. The use of white space to set off the
child-inspired illustration style allows the words to stand out and
makes the entire design clear and crisp. The tree's demise on a winter
evening is particularly striking. ..." (School Library Journal)

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