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Thank you, Dana.  We had used the Wiki article as well as the few others we
could track down from searching microfilm (very difficult when you don't
have dates and there's no index!) This time we're making a digital file as
well as a physical one, having learned our lesson the hard way.  Of course,
when we gathered the articles originally, scanning and saving wasn't an
option and by the time it was, our file had already been cleaned out.

I appreciate it!

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> There's some information on the Wikipedia page -
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_University_%28Tennessee%29
> including a link to a bankruptcy notice that says:
> "17 According to his deposition testimony, Craven Sumerell was
> the sole stockholder and an officer and director of Bristol
> College Corporation d/b/a Bristol University, a school of higher
> learning with campuses in Bristol and Knoxville, Tennessee and
> Indianapolis, Indiana. Mrs. Sumerell was the only other officer
> and director. Mr. Sumerell testified that the school closed on
> April 29, 1994, although the corporation has never been legally dissolved."
> A couple of other presidents are listed, but they are before 1989.
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> I have a patron who is trying to find who was on the Board of Trustees or
> major faculty for Bristol University (Bristol College) of Bristol,
> Tennessee.  The school went under in 1994. We had a folder full of
> clippings from the time in question but someone has apparently "liberated"
> them and our paper doesn't have an index for that time period.  We have no
> annuals or other material.  We know the president was Craig Summerall and
> that's about it.   The Tennessee Higher Education Commission has the old
> transcripts but apparently not an officials list.  I was told that the
> Higher Education Directory might list that, but the remaining local
> colleges just have current year, hence my query.
> Thanks for any help you may offer!
> Jeanne
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