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Garson, thank you so much for your help!  I passed along the information you found, and they decided to go with "Author Unknown", which I guess is kind of like the duct tape of quotation attribution - it fixes everything! Thanks again - and have a Happy May!

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The citations below do not directly answer your request, but they may
give insight into the evolution of the saying.  Perhaps someone
substituted the word "heart" for "hand".

[ref] 1942, A New Dictionary of Quotations on Historical Principles
from Ancient and Modern Sources, Selected and Edited by H. L. Mencken
(Henry Louis Mencken), Section: Giving, Page 458, Alfred A. Knopf. New
York. (Verified on paper)[/ref]

[Begin excerpt]
The hand that gives, gathers.
JAMES HOWELL: Proverbs, 1659
[End excerpt]

[ref] 1949, The Home Book of Quotations: Classical and Modern,
Selected by Burton Stevenson, Sixth Edition, Topic: Gifts and Giving,
Quote Page 774, Dodd, Mead and Company, New York. (Internet Archive at
archive.org) [/ref]

[Begin excerpt]
The hand that gives, gathers.
JOHN RAY, English Proverbs.
[End excerpt]

Google Books has the saying with "hand" in a collection of British
Proverbs published in 1707.

Year: 1707 MDCCVII
Title: Select Proverbs, Italian, Spanish, French, English, Scotish,
British, &c. Chiefly Moral: The foreign languages done into English
Publisher: Printed by J. H. for Philip Monckton, 1707
Section: British Proverbs
Quote Page 125
Database: Google Books Full View

{Begin excerpt]
The hand that gives gathers.
[End excerpt]


On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 7:30 PM, Sally Waters <WATERS at law.stetson.edu> wrote:
> I've been trying to track down the source of this quote for several hours; it seems to be one that has a lot of vague attributions, but nothing concrete. According to many resources I've explored, the line "the heart that gives, gathers" was said by  (a) Marianne Moore, the poet; (b) Hannah More, the writer & philanthropist from the 18th century; (c) an Old English proverb; or (d) the Tao Te Ching.
> Here's the real problem: the quotation is published (even put on sweatshirts) in many places, but each source I've looked at gives a name but no concrete information beyond that (e.g., Marianne Moore - but where? )  I've checked the many quote books we have here, incl. Oxford, Bartlett's, Respectfully Submitted, and 4 others; I've been searching every online source I can think of. Still nothing definite, though.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated (and you'll not only be giving, but gathering! Wow!)  Thanks in advance ---
> Sally
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