[PW] Far Country by Rudyard Kipling?

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> Below is a discussion (of unknown reliability) of the short story that
> appeared in a self-published book. If the story was published under
> another title this description may help.
> Title: The Real Far Country: The Return
> Authors: Duane Heppner, Duane Heppner & Rebazar Tarzs
> Publisher: Xlibris Corporation, 2008

It appears the author ("Duane the Great Writer") is associated in some way
with Paul Twitchell, the author of "The Far Country" which also claimed
that Kipling had written such a story. So I suspect Duane's discussion came
directly from Twitchell. In fact, all of the associations I was able to
find between Kipling and "The Far Country" seem to come from people who had
seen the claim in Twitchell's work.

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