[PW] The sable race

Carolyn Haley dcma at vermontel.net
Thu Apr 23 03:46:56 PDT 2015

At 04:44 AM 4/23/2015, Andy wrote:
> > In this phrase, "sable" probably refers to the heraldic term for 
> the color black. By analogy, white folks would be "the argent 
> race". (OK, argent literally is silver, but in heraldry it's used 
> to mean the color white).


I took the remark to be a reference to animal color (sables coming in 
a full range of browns to black), not only because I'm not well 
versed in heraldry, but didn't expect the original speaker to be, 
either. Then again, that was late 1700s. Was heraldry a more commonly 
understood thing during that period, in America?


P.S.: Hi, Andy, from a fellow Vermonter!

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