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Have you contacted the Sac and Fox Nation? They maintain a library (http://sacandfoxnation-nsn.gov/departments/library/) which houses an archive.
E-mail to library at sacandfoxnation-nsn.gov or there is a contact form at http://sacandfoxnation-nsn.gov/contact-us/

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I'm helping a researcher find information on athlete Jim Thorpe. Jim was Native American and enrolled in the Sac and Fox tribe and had the Native name Wa-tha-sko-huk, which means “The Light After the Lightning.”

Jim also had a twin brother, Charlie, who died as young boy. I'm trying to find Charlie's Native name. I'm not finding the Native American names for Charlie or Jim's other siblings. I'm hoping they were recorded somewhere, but I'm not sure. Any help is much appreciated!

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